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When a vehicle needs a transmission replaced, the first thing which a customer thinks about is thousands of dollars. But, if you are able to find best used transmissions in Los Angeles, USA at affordable pricing, you can save your client’s money and still make a nice profit on top of it. However, finding good used transmissions for sale over the internet is a bit challenging because there is a lot of competition nowadays and it is getting more and more hard everyday. But, not with us anymore. With Used Engines and Transmission USA now you can easily locate your used transmission near you and can get it delivered at your place in just no time. We are known as one of the best used transmission seller in USA at really affordable pricing and unbeatable quality in the market. Our transmissions are tested by certified engineers and auto parts professionals. With 25 years of experience in the auto parts industry, we have a motto to embark on the automobile industry by introducing quality service and that’s why we are rated as the top used transmission seller in USA. Our primary and foremost concern is to maintain the same matter and passion forever.

We’ve got a vision and guidance of the whole automobile market with Used Transmissions and other remanufactured auto parts. Our team of expert engineers use manual mechanisms introduced in electronic modules to optimize the performance of the transmissions and make it assured that you will get something best.

Engines & Transmissions USA is well established as a Used engine & Used Transmission seller with a rapidly growing market, providing thousands of auto parts, engines, and transmissions of various brands, we stand on the threshold three years of unprecedented growth.

We are salvage yards based out in California, USA and not mediators. We are operational Monday – Friday 10 AM – 5 PM with a dedicated team of sales & support. We’re a service-oriented company who has got the center of customer satisfaction. Our company follows all the latest trends and supplies of the automobile industry. With our excellent delivery services, we deliver engines and transmissions to various locations in the USA. To know more or if you have any query, feel free to talk with our experts today by dialing our phone number today.

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What Do We Sell | Used Transmission for Sale

Get pricing now for car and truck used transmission in USA with free 1 labor warranty. We make sure that your needs will match with our transmission quotation. Our used transmissions are checked and tested with certified auto-mobile experts. You get your vehicle running & back on the track in just no time by using our transmissions. Competitive prices and unbeatable quality make us one of the best used transmission sellers in USA. Customer satisfaction and delivering quality auto parts is always our priority. And we always work hard for that. Our excellent customer service is always ready to help you with any query related to auto parts or with any kind of transmission. Just grab your phone and dial our services number. And you are connected with our support team without any charges.

  1. Used Traditional Transmissions System
  2. Automated-Manual Transmission
  3. Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT)
  4. Dual-Clutch Transmission (DCT)
  5. DSG (Direct Shift Gearbox)
  6. Tiptronic Transmission
  7. Various other transmission systems

Why Choose Us to Buy Used Transmission?



We’ve got huge expertise in the used transmission for sale; our team has got grips on engine mechanisms.

Let’s know why you should buy auto parts or engines from us:

fastest used transmission for sale

Nationwide Delivery

With our express delivery services, we deliver engines and transmission all over the USA with express delivery

verified used engine for sale

100% Verified & Tested Parts

All our Engines are fully bench ,Tested and are inspected carefully by our auto parts experts.

buy used transmission with warranty

3 Years Warranty

With every engine and transmission you buy from us, we offer labour warranty of upto 3 years.

Transmission Expert | Buy Used Transmission - Used Transmission For Sale, USA

What Makes Us Best Used Transmission Seller in USA?

Unlike many Used transmission sellers, we do not find excuses to avoid support and we do not keep you on phone calls for hours. Our support is always available whenever you need it. Here is what makes us best auto parts company in USA. And when ever you will search “buy used transmissions” or “used transmissions for sale” in the USA, you will always find us in top listings. Here are a few more things that makes us stand out of the crowd.

express used transmission seller in USA

Expert In Auto Parts

We’re well known as the leading manufacturers and exporters of quality engines, auto parts, and transmission products.

buy cheap used transmission in USA

Reasonable Price

well known for product’s low-price paradigm. Our auto parts and engines have got very less pricing in comparison to the market rates.

used transmission for sale in Los Angeles

Express Delivery

We know that time is precious of all; we respect our client’s urgency and so we deliver all the products as soon as we could.

best used transmission seller in Los Angeles

100+ Clients

Our company has exported thousands of products nationwide and got trusted by more than 100+ clients with 99% happy  feedback.


In how many days will the transmission be delivered?
We deliver engines and transmissions to anyone within the 10 to 15 business days. Based on your location, the delivery may even be faster or late, though we follow express delivery, so the chances of fast delivery are more. But if by any case you don’t receive the delivery, you should contact us immediately.
What else will come with my transmission?
The transmission comes up with the installation tools and equipment so that you could properly install it. Apart from this, you will also get leakage and labor warranty for 1 year, and also, if requested, we will also send a verification certificate to you that contains the quality check specifications.
Do you buy used transmission of a used car?
Yes, if the transmission is in the working state, we would be happy to buy that. Though, our engineers will be doing some quality assurance so that the used transmission purchased by us could be resold.
Are all the transmissions tested by certified experts?
UEAT believes in quality and trustworthiness. And so to receive these goals, we give our level best in delivering quality auto parts. That is why we have expert engineers who are certified with more than 20 years of experience, and they do manual testing of each auto part.
What to do if I have received a malfunctioned transmission from the company?
We strictly believe in delivering quality products, but if, by any case, if you received a malfunctioned transmission or engine, you are requested to immediately connect with us so that we could take proper actions and replace the transmission as quickly as we can.
Can I make an offer on the quote given by you?
Yes, you are all free to do that. Though all of our price quotations are up to the average specifications, we appreciate that in case you’ve some better deal. We have some special offers for bulk purchases. So if you are the one who needs to purchase products in bulk, you should connect with us.

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